Daniels & Fisher Clocktower

1601 Arapahoe Street. Denver, CO 80202

Experience New Year's Eve like never before from 300 feet above the city streets with 360-degree balconies on multiple floors for unmatched views of the fireworks at 9:00 and midnight.

Located at 1601 Arapahoe Street in the heart of Downtown Denver, the Daniels Fisher Clocktower has been an iconic landmark since it was built in 1910.  We will count down to midnight behind the four clock faces while stepping around and through the inner workings of the functioning clocks.

Please note that the location has an elevator, but that the elevator does not reach the main floors and there are a lot of stairs.  The venue is not ADA Compliant and is not recommended for wheelchairs or folks with physical disabilities.  However, we have had folks in wheelchairs before and everyone was happy to help them get their wheelchairs up and down whenever needed!

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